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Interchange + 9¢

Our standard Interchange Plus mobile processing rates are huge savings compared to Square (2.9% + 30¢) and Stripe ($2.9% + 30¢) mobile rates.

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What's included

  • Unlimited pay stations
  • No set-up or device fees
  • $15 per month fee waived during crisis

Partner Pricing

Upgrade to Partner pricing any time you want. Get a personal quote based on your store's volume.


What's included

  • Volume Discounts
  • Interchange pricing
  • Flexibility and chain discounts

What's included

Smart SMS

Usable by everyone

Sends link to menu&pay

Notifies on table ready

Notifies on order ready

Digital waitlist

Easy mobile number entry

Guest data entry fields

Notify with a simple button

Feedback on no-show

Digital check-in

Guest address book

Quick Mobile number entry

Guest profile

Instant table linking

Digital menu

Pdf menu for easy start

Browsable HTML menu

Favorites for guests

Real-time updates

Digital receipt

Real-time bill update


Simple way: total only

Full integration: line items

Split bill

Partial split

Equal split

Real-time balance due update

Shareable payment link


Turn on/off tipping

Define tipping range

Define tip amount

Dollar or Percentage

Contactless payment

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Giftcard integration

All debit and credit cards

Rerporting dashboard

Real-time updates

Gross sales report

Visit frequency reports

Favorite items report

and more


Why can't I start right now but have to wait 24hrs?

You can start right now by using waitlist and digital Menu. For payments we have to verify your account first

Do I have to change reporting?

Not at all. ZeroContact will show up as tender type, or it is fully integrated in your system.

I want to add a second location? How does it work?

By telling us the details and done.

Do you offer chain integration?


Does it cost more to use waitlist?


How can I cancel my ZeroContact account?

easy. just do this:

How fast will I get the ZeroContact pay-outs?