It takes 10 seconds for a contactless experience

Only 10 seconds pass from entering their mobile number to seat and send a SmartSMS.

1. Enter Mobile Number

You have reservations; now keep your lobby and front desk clear by sending an SMS to guests when their table is ready and kickoff the best contactless guest experience. No hardware customer app needed.

2. Recognize returning guests

Our lightweight customer database makes greeting frequent visitors a blast. Even if your staff doesn't remember, we do.

3. View your active waitlist

All important data stacked up in little cards. See who is in time, or who needs attention

4. One tap to send

Once table is ready, all you need to do is press a button. Your guest will be notified via SMS and can come over to you.

Works in any browser. On a POS or phone or laptop ...

We made sure that our check-in and waitlist works on any device that supports a modern browser. No matter the screen size

Turn feedback into action

Sometimes your guests cancel their spot on the waitlist. Now you can give them a chance to tell you why. And you can act on it.

Where customers become well known guests

Besides helping  guests to minimize contact, you know more than ever about their habits and needs. All without the need for a complex loyalty program.
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What's included

Smart SMS

Usable by everyone

Sends link to menu&pay

Notifies on table ready

Notifies on order ready

Digital waitlist

Easy mobile number entry

Guest data entry fields

Notify with a simple button

Feedback on no-show

Digital check-in

Guest address book

Quick Mobile number entry

Guest profile

Instant table linking

and more