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The smart SMS that unlocks a contactless guest experience.

Enjoy the best contactless experience with ZeroContact. Your trusted partner and the industry's technology leader.

Check-in and Waitlist

Pay at the table

For everyone and any smartphone

1. ZeroContact Check-in & Waitlist

You have reservations; now keep your lobby and front desk clear by sending an SMS to guests when their table is ready and kickoff the best contactless guest experience. No hardware customer app needed.

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2. Smart SMS on any phone

SMS will immediately be send to your guest with a link to your contactless experience.

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3. Welcome at Table 22

See Table number and options provided by your location. Guests can share the menu & bill with their company.

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4. ZeroContact Menu included

Give your guests an environmentally responsible digital menu. Simply upload a PDF of your menu, change it anytime you like and let guests enjoy it from their own device.They'll already have the link from the Check-In SMS.

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5. Pay at the Table

It's easy! Any customer who can receive an SMS on their mobile phone can pay with ZeroContact. Staff can turn tables faster and get higher tips.Our Cloud Bill and Cloud Pay technologies make it easy to integrate with your POS or operate right alongside.

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Easily integrated with your POS

Start now by downloading our free ZeroContact iPad App. Or talk to our success team for more details about integration.
Integrations for NCR Aloha, Micros, Positouch, Par Brink, Xpient, Matire' D, Toast, Squirrel, Dinerware, Lightspeed and more are available via partners.

ZeroContact App

Start immediately and leapfrog any bottlenecks!
Rapidly implement chain- wide.  Higher throughput and faster experience for guests than running credit cards to POS

POS Integration

A great next step. Integration with major POS vendors is available or POS can be integrated via our open API.

ZeroContact API

Perfect for custom POS.
Offers the full integration to create cloud payments.

ZeroContact Web

Run directly on any POS hardware that supports a browser. Available on any device with a browser, including tablets and mobile phones.