No hardware needed

Nothing to charge or maintain

Faster, easier, and more secure

Stop running cards to POS

Tipping included

Reward your team

Pay at the table for every scenario

ZeroContact gives you the flexibility to offer different ways to pay at the table. Choose what firts your needs.
Pay via SmartSMSSmart Bill FolioQR/NFC Badge at the tableDisposable QR Badges

Smart SMS

Works with any phone, as easy as receiving an SMS
Recognize returning guests via mobile number
Natural interaction for your customer

Smart Bill Folio

Present the bill as always
Guests pay by scanning the Smart Bill Folio
No table side QR needed

QR/NFC Badge at the table

Same QR for Menu, order and pay
Keep tab open until ready to pay
Fully customizable to best match your brand

Disposable QR Badges

Nothing to disinfect
Use whenever needed
Easy to self print at your office too


Contactless payment

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Giftcard integration

All debit and credit cards

Digital receipt

Real-time bill update


Simple way: total only

Full integration: line items

Split bill

Partial split

Equal split

Real-time balance due update

Shareable payment link


Turn on/off tipping

Define tipping range

Define tip amount

Dollar or Percentage

Digital menu

Pdf menu for easy start

Browsable HTML menu

Favorites for guests

Real-time updates

Reporting dashboard

Real-time updates

Gross sales report

Visit frequency reports

Favorite items report

and more