Integration that fits your workflow

Choose the option that is best for you. Either fully integrate or begin with a standalone solution running alongside your current system.

1. Start now option

Use ZeroContact Web or iOS App

Great to start and use SmartSMS

Runs alongside your current setup

Automated check open and close

2. Connected option

Automated check open and close

Tickets closed with tips

Works with hundreds of POS brands

Integrate via our API or omnivore

1. Start now option

Integration sometimes takes time. Simply use the free merchant App or our web application to take ZeroContact payments at your table.

Integrate with universal web app

Run directly on any POS hardware that supports a browser. Available on any device with a browser, including tablets and mobile phones.

And/or use the ZeroContact iOS App

Leapfrog any bottlenecks. Higher throughput and faster experience for guests than running credit cards to POS.

Fully featured solution

ZeroContact SmartSMS

ZeroContact check-in & waitlist

ZeroContact menu

ZeroContact payment

ZeroContact Call-in and pickup orders

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Giftcards, ...

2. Connected option

Use our API or connect with our partner omnivore to fully integrate ZeroContact Pay into your workflow.

The direct connection to your guests phone

Faster, no errors while transferring data and still full control Let your guests see their live ticket.

Use our API if you run a custom POS. Offers the full integration to create cloud payments.

Integrations for NCR Aloha, Micros, Positouch, Par Brink, Xpient, Matire' D, Toast, Squirrel, Dinerware, Lightspeed and more available

Cloud Bill & Cloud Pay
The "seamless experience" technologies

No App needed
ZeroContact Cloud Bill takes the bill from your POS, puts it right into the cloud, where it is linked to a QR on the table. When a customer scans a QR or NFC, the customer's phone is able to access the Cloud Bill directly.

Apple Pay,Google Pay or regular checkout
With the bill on their phone, the customer can Cloud Pay using a built in wallet like Apple Pay, or they can enter a card number.

Closed out on the POS
As cloud payments are completed, the cloud informs the App, API, POS or Web so the bill is is closed out on the POS (with tip). This final step is either manual or automatic depending on configuration.

Even works with old phones
This revolutionary experience works with Android and Apple iPhones up to 5 years old, with any POS and can be launched in days.
Get it into your lab for trial today!