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Accept contactless payments at your tables and via call-in orders
Pay at the table
Call-in & Pickup


Offer your guests a cleaner way to look at your menu
Mobile Menu
Pay at the table
Call-in & Pickup


Keep the line short and include the digital waitlist
Digital Waitlist
Mobile Menu
Pay at the table
Call-in & Pickup


Let your guests order on their own device
Mobile & Table ordering
Digital Waitlist
Mobile Menu
Pay at the table
Call-in Pickup
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The contactless restaurant experience

With ZeroContact you can offer the experience that grows with your needs. Let your guests use any or all of our features for a healthy and fun way to interact
SMS Waitlist & check-inQR / Digital menuQR / Tableside orderingContactless paymentPickup / Call-in order

SMS Waitlist & checkin

Keep lobby and front desk clear
No hardware needed
Hostess can use any device with internet
No customer App required

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QR / digital menu

Mobile phone friendly
Simply upload a PDF
Works with multiple menues
SMS a link or use QR to share the menu with your guests

QR / Tableside ordering

Start ordering from your table by scanning the QR
Keep tab open until ready to pay
Full integration or via staff interaction
Enterprise menu management

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Contactless Payment

Pay via SMS, QR or NFC
Split bill equally or partial
Definable tipping range
Apple Pay, Google Pay or add credit/debit card

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Pickup Call-in orders

Safer and easier than reading cards over the phone
Customer receives pay link via SMS
Optional order tracker
Optional "I'm here" functinality

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Easily integrated with your POS

Start now by downloading our free ZeroContact iPad App. Or talk to our success team for more details about integration.
Integrations for NCR Aloha, Micros, Positouch, Par Brink, Xpient, Matire' D, Toast, Squirrel, Dinerware, Lightspeed and more are available via partners.

ZeroContact Web

Run directly on any POS hardware that supports a browser. Available on any device with a browser, including tablets and mobile phones.

ZeroContact App

Start immediately and leapfrog any bottlenecks!
Rapidly implement chain- wide.  Higher throughput and faster experience for guests than running credit cards to POS

ZeroContact API

Perfect for custom POS.
Offers the full integration to create cloud payments.

POS Integration

A great next step. Integration with major POS vendors is available or POS can be integrated via our open API.