No hardware needed!

The contactless guest experience

ZeroContact is the easiest way for guests to enjoy a contactless journey at table service restaurants

True "Zero Contact" menu, check-in and payment

"Tip Booster" Contactless tipping

Clear and easy bill split

Welcome your guests with zero contact

Enter a guest's mobile number to send them a digital menu and add them to a waitlist they can monitor from their phone or seat them immediately.

Waitlist, Menu and Payment all in one place

Let your guests browse your menu and pay when they're ready. No app means everyone can use it - even with a five year old phone.
If you want a full mobile ordering experience, talk to us. We offer that too.
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ZeroContact tipping

No messy pen or paper - let guests tip right on their phone.
Set up any tip suggestions you like, including a pre-selected default tip rate to make it faster for your guests.

Don't use tipping? Just turn it off.

Split the bill by any number of guests

Everyone at the table can easily pay their share and everyone can see when the whole bill is paid in full. This is splitting that works. Real-time payment status updates keep everyone, including servers, up to date.

You now accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. And enjoy faster table turns

ZeroContact makes everything faster than today. And your customers can have the freedom to leave any time. Accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Or, integrate your Gift Card. Book a demo to learn more.
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Cloud Bill & Cloud Pay
The "seamless experience" technologies

No App needed
If the customer can receive and SMS, they can use ZeroContact! Cloud Bill takes the bill from your POS, puts it right into the cloud, where it is linked to a Smart SMS or QR/NFC badge. When a guest taps the SMS link sent during checkin or scans a QR, they access the Cloud Bill directly from their phone. Everyone can do it.

Apple Pay, Google Pay or regular checkout
With the bill on their phone, the customer can Cloud Pay using a built in wallet like Apple Pay, or they can enter a card number, just like they would at Amazon. There are no limits with Zero Contact.

Closed out on the POS
As cloud payments are completed, the cloud informs the App, API, POS or Web so the bill is is closed out on the POS (with tip). This final step is either manual or automatic depending on configuration.

Even works with old phones
This revolutionary experience works with Android and Apple iPhones of any age, with any POS, and the solution can be launched in days.

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