QR/NFC payments for your hotels

Contactless payments for Hotels

Keep guests safe and happy with ZeroContact menu,  payment and tipping.

Charge to room

Ring server / staff

Intergrates with current workflow

Charge bill to room, with tipping.

The main difference between a hotel restaurant / bar is the ability to charge the bill to the guest's room.
That's why this functionality is integrated in the hotel solution.

Amaze and delight guests

Room charges reimagined:
Faster and more secure than ever

Tip, split, pay.

Guests like to tip for good service. Of course this is possible with ZeroContact pay.

Charge to room #.

Like today, guests enter their name and room number. For extra security you can also ask to enter guest's mobile number.

All done. Good to go.

The bill is now charged to room.

ZeroContact Pay

NO passed cards