Taking orders via phone? Let customers pay on their own device!

Stop reading cards over the phone

With built-in SMS Pay Links, it’s cheaper, safer and easier than reading credit cards over the phone.

Loved by customers. They don't share sensitive data

Easier and cheaper than typical manual-entry rates

Works with any POS. Be live in about 24 hrs

1. One tap to send bill

Cashier sends bill after totaling the order

2. Customer receives bill via SMS Pay Link

Customers view bill and can instantly pay
(and tip)

3. Customer pays from their phone

Payment happens safely and instantly on customer's own device. No app needed.

How SMS Pay Links work for you

1. Enter customer mobile number in ZeroContact Merchant App
2. Your customer receives a text message with a payment link
3. ZeroContact Merchat App shows when bill is paid

Easy to use for your customers too

1.  Optional gratuity - define what's right for your business
2. Optional bill splitting
3. Apple Pay, Google Pay or add a card
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Paid in full with zero contact

Your customers will love to pay from a safe distance, with their own device. No App or login required.