Seamless workflow

Integrate with your POS

Use our API or connect with our partner omnivore to fully integrate ZeroContact Pay into your workflow.

Closes out the tickets with tips on your POS

Works with hundreds of POS brands

Easily runs with ZeroContact waitlist, checkin and digital menu

Automatic Check open and Close

Faster, no errors while transferring data and still full control

POS Integration

Great for servers; integration may takes planning to deploying.

ZeroContact API

Perfect for custom POS. Offers the full integration to create cloud payments.

Upgrade your POS with the free ZeroContent Merchant App

Note: if you are using our digital waitlist, you already enjoy this experience
Already connected to the cloud
At your welcome desk, while greeting your guests already ask for their mobile number to send over the digital menu.

View guest details
If it is a returning customer, you can see many details about spent, visits, favorites and even notes that you add.

Use it as waitlist
Instead of seating your customer, you can also send a waitlist reservation. Once table is ready, simply press the "notify" button.

Payment status overview
Get a detailed overview about payment status across your location.